today i do not feel so well so i can have as much tazo black tea mango as i want (that’s how that works)

this is a matter of physical wellness

my throat hurts and it’s not just words that want to come out, i’m pretty sure autumn just likes me a little weak and wobbly

I want to live in a room by myself that I can thoroughly organize and have a certain way at all times and shift for my purposes. I think as a quasi-adult we deserve this privilege if possible.

I also don’t like when people play their music before the later midday because I am still writing a paper. But I’ve never confronted her about it, not even last year, so I feel it’s too late.

I want my own room.

I want my own space.

I’m not sure I’ll ever have my own space though

yeah you know

I made a reasoned, mature decision.

I made a decision








I am


decision daughter dog death dawn decision mature

I am here

decision there

reason rests

I am decision.

defeated in battle against self 

it’s that season again a reason for the longing and drunken balconies and wet hair huddling by earlobes and pillows i hold and hiding, lots of hiding 

cats are surely made for lazy laptop life 

they fit so  nicely next your legcomputer